Post date: Jun 25, 2015 1:16:34 PM

Controversy is your friend. Especially if you are a writer. Embrace it, go with it, let it happen in your writing. It is like adding twists to your characters and plot it helps if people talk about what was intended whether you intended it or not.

Do you mean this by this? And you just smile and keep quiet and do not dispel the rumors, for rumor is talk and talk is what you want.

Look into the post 0875- I am an alien and you will see the controversy I am attempting to kick up and to make people talk about.

If a person can chose to embody another race that what they are; why not nationality, creed, religion, anything. Then everything can become anything and there is no differentiating. What if a person chooses to change every other day or week or year, then what? Today I am English, tomorrow Indian (which kind?), the next Russian, all for the sake of change or whim?

Think about it. What is the most controversial thing you will do this year? In the last decade? It may not be much but if you write it you can live within another persona and that makes your life more interesting even if it is only intellectual.