Be Productive not Busy

Post date: Jul 26, 2017 2:11:28 AM

Be Productive not Busy

I hear it at my day job every day.

I say, “How are you doing?”

They say, “I’m really busy.” Or some version of that statement.

Translation for what they say: If I don’t say that, I’m busy, and then people will think that, I just sit in my office and do nothing. So I have to say I’m really busy or some version of that to get you to buy in to the fact that I’m really no busier than anyone else, in fact, I could be less busy than most but I will not admit it.

Here is a very interesting article that helps explain the 11 Differences between busy people and productive people (all credits to

Another article I like a lot is from about “Busy vs. productive: 7 tips to be productive, not busy”:

Personally, I love how they define Facebook and YouTube where we all (admit it, I do) spend waaaaaaay too much time.

I also had to look up what quadrant 2 goals were. Enlightening.

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