Ninety Seventh Post-This is how I write

Post date: Aug 24, 2015 1:41:28 PM

This is how I write

Just to inform you of my process, I come up with ideas and make a note of it. Then mull it over and then write pieces here and there and finally start merging and connecting them together.

This is mainly my method; however, I sometimes do outlines and others just put down lots of partial sentences for the ideas until something about that idea jells up better than the sketchy original.

Basically, Dear Writers, there is not best way to write, there is no write way to write (yes, I know, I flubbed that on purpose), there is no perfect way to write, there is only your way.

Now, I just read yesterday about James Patterson the prolific writer and story teller and he writes long hand. Ugh, I could never do that but he is a master and I am a beginner compared to him but I will stick with my keyboard since I type quite quickly.

James Patterson writes out the outline and then collaborates with another writer to actually write the story and they are credited and he edits and and reads every chapter and challenges them to be better.

I'd love to participate in that school. Bet people are breaking down his door to write for him and make a name for themselves.

Speaking of which, here I am, your Write Coach, I will be your James Patterson and help you out and lets make some magic together, Dear Writers.

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