Post date: Sep 15, 2017 1:29:24 AM


How complete are you?

Does your wife or significant other complete you? Or do they complement you? (as in accentuating your completeness, adding to

you in ways that emphasize her completeness)

I’ll admit it. When I was searching for a wife, I was looking for someone to complete me. Now many, many years later I find out

that she can’t do that.

Even if she wanted to do it, she can’t.

She can only be herself and complete herself. She will never be part of me enough to complete me.

So if you bring your completeness to her completeness then imagine what that result would be. Nirvana, I’m guessing. We putzed

around for I don’t know how many years figuring this stuff out and now we listen to YouTube videos and some of those kids (I say

kids even though they may be young to older adults). They figured it out so fast.

At least we figured it out. It may have taken quite a few years but we did it!

That alone is an accomplishment since there are those out there who never figure it out.

They are the sleepwalkers (zombies), mouth breathers (ones who cannot close their mouths and look very dullish – this had nothing

to do with any asthma that may affect others breathing or have sinus issues and have to breathe through their mouths). Some people

are dullards and just can’t help it but that is because of they still have not learned. We could have been among them or maybe we were and are still learning. It is not too late for anyone; especially if I can do it then you can do it.

Keep being the complete person you are and continue to be more complete as you learn and grow and the more you know.

Love to all, Dear Readers and Dear Writers.