This is the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered…

Post date: Jul 8, 2018 4:37:21 PM

This is the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered…

I’ve encountered many scary things.

A water moccasin going by in the water.

A 500 ton metal press coming down on my hand.

Falling off a 50 foot cligg.

A five-year son being run over.

An encounter with the vilest psychotic narcissistic person ever seen.

And those are just a few of them.

The most scariest happened April 30, 2018 at 11:15 a.m.

The phone in my office rang. I answered and the voice on the other end said something ending with David. I said yes, then the voice laughed and said they were momentarily distracted with something then turned their attention to me. That voice started pitching some charity. I said wait. The voice stopped. I said this is a recording isn’t it.

The voice then said that they used prerecorded responses to enhance the experience.

I hung up.

That is super scary that computers using human voices can prerecorded messages can sound so real that they can pass for human.

I am sure that they fool lots of people. It took a while but I caught on.

I am not even sure how or why, but I had a feeling.

Never ignore your feelings they are the key and will help you identify something that isn’t quite right, or will verify that you are doing the right thing.

Those feelings are fleeting and can be easily ignored. We ignore them because we don’t trust ourselves. Therefore, we don’t trust ourselves.

This self-doubt does not serve us it serves our ego.

If you have listened to any to the TED talks on ego, or You Tube videos by Life Coaches, or even have talked with trained Psychiatrists or Therapists then you know how your ego can hold you back and not let you listen to a better voice.

The ego is full of fear, full of itself, is selfish and wants us to be selfish and only serve a self that is lower or baser than our real self.

Once you listen to the quiet still voice within you then you will recognize it easier next time. Each time becomes even easier.

Be safe and cognizant of your surroundings and as you go through life use your flow, your authentic voice, your creativity and your love to create a better world for you and your loved ones.

Another Think Piece by David Alan Binder