There isn’t such a thing as better or worse - Think Responsibly

Post date: Jun 27, 2018 1:28:37 AM

There isn’t such a thing as better or worse - Think Responsibly

My last article discussed getting in touch with our emotions.

It also stated that we all can be in touch with our emotions and not just react.

Many people react and don’t examine the emotion.

Also, my last article discussed that there is no such thing as better.

You cannot be a better person. You can only be different.

You cannot be a worse person. You can only be different.

Too often we define things in this manner:

We could have had a better vacation.

We could be better people.

That was the worst experience of my life.

I beg to differ. Better is unquantifiable. Worse is unquantifiable.

How do you know when things are better or worse? You don’t, since it is not scientific, factual, it is only subjective.

Subjective adjectives do not support us. Are not friendly, do not allow us growth.

I am still trying to use connotations that are more quantifiable. This is a work in progress for me.

Perhaps you have some suggestions, if so, please send them to me at AB3RING at JUNO dot COM or DALANBINDER at GMAIL dot COM

There is no definition of the word better or worse that will support exactly and definitively what you can do in order to achieve better or worse results. For that reason, only definitions that support exactly and definitively what you can do in order to have an outcome that you can actually do something about.

I can do nothing better. I can write more, I can generate more ideas; I can make more money by having a job or wherewithal to support me having more money.

How do you write more? Spend more time at the keyboard.

How do you generate more ideas? Apply thinking and brain storm any idea until more ideas are generated.

How do you make more money? Work at another job, pick up soda and beer cans and cash them in, sell some items you are not using, publish articles, those things are extremely quantifiable and extremely doable.

Each one of the above, are examples of how I can do better. But it is different than better, it is an actual thing or action that I can perform. Rather than a nebulous, unhelpful, unquantifiable action.

Doing things differently, yield different results.

Different results will measure quantifiably if you are getting more results (better) or less results (worse).

Changing our thinking is extremely difficult and is the hardest habit to break.

Our thinking limits us and in order for us to be unrestrained we have to change our thinking.

Another think piece by David Alan Binder. All of this is part of thinking responsibly.