The Future is Fluid

Post date: Nov 21, 2017 11:59:13 PM

The Future is Fluid

You know that the future of anything and everything is not solidified. Affecting the future is like damming a stream, you think you know how it will affect the downstream but you are never certain.

Looking back is a great way to discover how distant changes in human existence affects the future. Different discoveries, how civilizations evolved, artifacts that are found, a speech even, or a book or bringing heretofore unknown chemicals into play; each and every one of these can affect the future of you and of mankind.

The future is a fluid environment in which we all play and dabble today. Since we are all playing within the same game, at the same time, in different places it is bound to have this interplay and outcome be such that no one can guess, let alone predict. If 20 people are standing around in a circle and all throw beach balls at the same time towards the center, the reactions of each ball hitting other balls is totally unpredictable. We play with words, inventions, machines, dirt, and other materials and those in turn are acted upon by the physical constraints, rules and laws of the universe but also by the metaphysical interplay of each act reacting to other acts.

Dear Readers and Dear Writers, jump into the future stream now and see how your work affects the future; yours and mine.