Space, the final frontier

Post date: Dec 29, 2017 12:21:46 AM

Space, the final frontier. (Credits to Star Trek)

It really is a final frontier and not “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...” (Credits to Star Wars)

The real space is around us.

If you can manage the space around you then you may gain some additional peace. As an example, the wife and I get stressed out when we hear bad news. It took a long, long while to figure out that we have enough going on in our lives that; we did not need to know about the train wreck in the next state, the bus collision that killed umpteen people on the far coast. Nor did we need to know when a terrorist decides to blow something or someone up in another country, plus we do NOT need to know about mass shootings. Lots of hysteria, lots of pain, nothing we can do about it. As long as our loved ones are okay, we are good. A flood in Iowa then we make certain our loved ones in Iowa are fine and out of it or have a plan.

Control your space and you will get peace. The wife and I do not watch TV (unless in a bar or other place that has them, then we try to sit so we don’t have to see them.) I have more exposure to the outside world than she does, so I cushion her and don’t tell her everything that I hear. If someone mentions that happening, then I say, oh, yeah, I did not mention it to her, and then she finds out. Not that big a deal and usually by then it is an older story and therefore not as fresh and less stressful. Plus, usually a week or so later it has more context or some of it has evaporated or changed in a way that mitigates it. I can do absolutely nothing about a tweet between two people, celebrities, or presidents or other national figures. I do not pay any attention and in a week or so the dust settles and it is usually not much to it.

We control our space to keep our dignity, our composure, our peacefulness, our oneness with our area. It is kinda Zen-ish Feng Shui-ish for us. Not sure what to call it but it works. Maybe, Dear Readers and Dear Writers, you should try it.

Incidentally, while we are talking Star Trek, the phrase, "to boldly go where no man has gone before"; the adverb boldly is said to split the infinitive to go.