Paddle, Paddle, Paddle

Post date: Jun 24, 2015 4:14:08 AM

If you have ever been to the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota, you have paddle and paddle just to get anywhere worth seeing. A beautiful place of rivers, creeks, and lakes area just south of the Canadian Border with lots of portages as well. Check out the map, set your compass and course and go towards where you think or heard it is nice and the whole place is full of scenery and wildlife but it seems that you spend the time looking at the canoe or water and paddle, paddle, paddle. One can’t use motors in the Boundary Waters. Also, to get from one body of water to the next sometimes you have to portage your gear from point A to point B and then paddle again.

It can be strenuous and relaxing all at the same time. Each stroke takes you farther in and at some point in your journey you think, “Oh, no!” “I have to paddle all the way back as well or if a circuitous route then you know that until you reach halfway that you have the majority of your paddling ahead of you.

Been there and done that at least three times. Twice with the Scout Troop and once was a family trip with my good friend the Scout Master and part of his family.

Quite an outing and afterwards when the grime and sweat is showered off and you get into clean clothes and the memory of all the hard work fades and the memory of the good times and fun become more prominent; that is when it is all worth it.

So write (paddle), write (paddle), write (paddle) it will all be worth it at the end when you have written an excellent piece and you can bask in the memory of it. Well not really since you should be working on your next piece.