Personal Challenges and some methods I use to overcome them

Post date: Mar 26, 2018 10:18:09 PM

Personal Challenges and some methods I use to overcome them.

I’ve mentioned in this forum past issues that I’ve dealt with in my personal life. It is only in an effort to help you that I examine these issues.

I feel like if we are to become more effective writers and people we have to deal with uncomfortable situations, people, issues and relationships. Some come from family, some come from spouses / wife / husband / boy or girl friends, some from friends and some from coworkers and bosses / managers and some just come from others.

I’ve been to many therapists, psychologists and they are been more or less effective. A lot depends on the skill of them and the skill that I have in expressing my feelings, emotions and those relationships that are “bothering” me.

Sometimes it just helps to talk to a third party to just “get it off of your chest”.

You have to explore for yourself what kind of therapy and counselor and mentor that you need and that fit with your situation(s).

I have gone so far to have interviewed two or three therapists and talk with them over the phone to see how compatible they were / are for me.

I definitely suggest using that approach. Be sure to actually see their credentials and their areas of expertise. I would not go to a couples counselor if they counseled people about old age, or children only, or sex abuse. I’d want to see someone who is trained in working with couples.

So by all means do extensive vetting before you open yourself up to whomever.

I’ve had a chance to read some reviews about, I suggest that you read them as well.

Here is an article about

Some services like offer remuneration to others for the public relations piece, review or an article. I accept no advertising and do not make money on this site other than donations from my, Dear Readers and Dear Writers.

Without a regular income this limits me and my ability. I serve only myself and am not beholden to one large sponsor and thus have no agendas. This is not an endorsement, it is an option.

This is a “think piece”, the type that I write regularly to facility thinking and discussion.

Let me reiterate the importance of vetting any therapist, psychologist, counselor, or other and ensure that they are trained and a professional.

A text based service of this kind is good for grief counseling, for talking through a situation. An inexpensive alternative may be good for this type of exchange. It is all about the quality you want and of course, “you get what you pay for” is usually the rule.

For true deep mental health issues, one should actually see someone in person and preferably local.

Thanks for letting me express my views in this article, Dear Writers and Dear Readers. Once we get ourselves in order we are better able to write an article, book, and express those things we are feeling more clearly.