Fear of the Unknown is your greatest enemy

Post date: Feb 8, 2018 11:36:21 PM

Fear of the Unknown is your greatest enemy

Dear Readers and Dear Writers, I have a meeting today with my manager. There is no agenda, no other attendees. When I asked what the meeting was about in order to prepare, the answer was “there is no need to prepare, it is just plans for 2018”.

Keep in mind that this manager has not had a meeting with me in over a year! So, that leaves things a little unsettling. Also, when we did meet in 2016 he asked me if I was going to retire. Who asks that type of question? Since then since he is in another complex, I’ve not seen him, not talked to him except for a few non-consequential emails.

My organization has a history of being erratic; sometimes they like you sometimes you are their worst enemy.

So at the current time, fear and uncertainty are constant companions. I take deep breaths and say to myself, yes, you have these feelings and emotions and that’s okay. I feel them; I don’t dwell on them. I think positive thoughts and say to myself, there is nothing I can do until I hear what he has to say. Then I will just take a deep breath and ensure that I am actively listening and taking notes. If I am asked any questions, I will say; let me think about that. If pressured I’ll say it will take a day or two to process this information and then answer. Plus, I am sure I will have questions for you. Give me some time for processing.

This is the hardest part. Not explaining myself at the time. Not trying to make him understand, since he has only been here two years and I’ve been here 13 plus, he does not know the history as I do.

Yes, this is scary I say to myself. Yes, you have concerns but are they valid? Maybe, maybe not, it depends on what he says. So relax, be confident, be as calm as I can be and let the future decide what it will bring.

I turn my attention to NOW. The current time, so I write this article. I concentrate on my writing projects and this will take the back burner until the meeting then I will focus on that NOW which is in the future. I will not actively focus on that future until it is actually happening. That’s all I can do.

Any suggestions, Dear Writers and Dear Readers?