What's your story?

Post date: Dec 18, 2015 5:02:16 PM

What’s your story?

Tell me what’s your story? There are many I’m sure. One story is what you tell yourself about why you are where you are. So many times my story limited me, or talked me out of doing what I was supposed to be doing. “Well, I just don’t have time.” A convenient and plausible story and too often told to ourselves and others. You have just as much time as any author out there.

I once asked a friend of mine who is a musician and who is intent on writing a hit song and has been for decades. I asked him, so do you find yourself limited by your musical ability (he plays guitar and keyboard), and he told me no. I thought to myself at that time that he must be really good to be able to make that statement.

How about you? Do you find yourself limited by your (insert your whatever ability here) ability? The only thing that limits us is ourselves. We are the most intrusive governor, the greatest obstacle and the most opposing voice we will ever encounter. More than anyone else in our lives, at least this is usually the case. If you can overcome yourself then you will succeed.

You can quote that: “If you can overcome yourself then you will succeed.” a quote by David Alan Binder, remember that. Say it like a mantra over and over so you won’t limit yourself and be your own worst enemy.

Let’s see what it takes to succeed and let me help you with your project or story or book. If you are an author with a published book or a band with or without a book or an up and coming celebrity and want to garner following or get your message out there then I’d like to interview you and feature you and your book(s) or message on this web site in one of my blogs.

A word to the wise is sufficient, right, Dear Writers and Dear Readers?

I would love to help you, Dear Writers; at the same time you will be helping me be a better coach and editor.

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