Are you a survivor?

Post date: Sep 22, 2017 4:07:15 PM

Are you a survivor?

This is an important question since your answer means whether you should continue to live or not.

If not then check out now. I do not advocate taking one’s life. I never will.

Nor do I advocate other ways of opting out. Take your pick, there are plenty.

Sounds simple but let’s examine it another way.

I picked up a bracelet at my local credit union where I bank.

The bracelet says survivor.

What does this mean?

It means different things to different people but it is an important statement to you and to the world. You are a survivor.

I am a survivor.

I have survived abuse, of many kinds but the most traumatic is verbal abuse and favoritism. Those hurt the most. People who were living in a low consciousness form did them; but they were still people.

I survived sexual abuse as a child.

I survived what could have been a 50 or 60 foot fall, but was caught by my leather jacket sleeve.

I survived a family vacation in Grand Island, NE at a campground with 80 mph winds. It tumbled us over and over and we checked into a hotel in middle of night. But we survived. Wife, two small children and me, we all survived to tell about it.

I survived getting my finger caught in 100 ton metal press brake and all I have to show for it is a small scar (it did not sever the finger), unbelievable.

I have survived a number of car accidents and near misses where I should be dead.

I survived having my Widow Maker artery (anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery, also left anterior descending artery (LAD)) plugged 99.9 percent (thanks to my wife).

I have survived a lot and I have not even thought about it very hard.


Make your own list and it will amaze you; as mine amazes me.

After you make your list then say “thank you” to your deity of choice or Mother Nature or some higher power who helped you.

Then say, “There must be a reason.”

Then you have the basis to survive another day, heck, at this rate I’ll live to one hundred since I appear to lead a charmed life.

I owe a lot, I’ve had many experiences and I am passing those experiences on to you, Dear Readers and Dear Writers, who are also survivors.

It would be interesting to hear your stories.