Post date: Apr 3, 2018 11:41:44 PM


Bravado comes from the Old Italian adjective “bravo” which means, "courageous" or "wild."

Now it is less associated with wild and more associated with boldness, to arrogance or even power; sometimes from position, such as, movie star, boss, entrepreneur or a social and moneyed aspect.

Bravado may seem reckless; however, “redneck” may carry that connotation also.

I use bravado often in social situations where I need to feel at ease, I relax, take a deep breath, encourage myself, name similar instances, and that fact that no matter what happens, “I’ll be alright”.

If someone makes fun of me, it is okay. If someone makes an argument then we’ll work it out. If someone reacts badly then that can be worked out.

The main thing is that I tried it, did it and got through it. That is better than NOT trying, NOT doing, NOT attempting. Not doing is the equivalent of not entering to win; if you don’t enter the race then you won’t ever win.

If you fail, then keep trying.

Use Bravado when you are uneasy or uncomfortable in certain situations. Bravado begets more bravado. Don’t be brash, don’t be obnoxious, don’t be any number of things, do be bold, non-intimidated, do be willing to take measured risks and attempt to do things outside of your normalness.

You may not be able to “go to where no person has before” but you will be able to “go where you have not been or done something before”.

I call that the definition of success. An attempt is better than not trying.

That is what every writer, novelist, architect, creator, person has done to attain their dreams and goals.