You are what you see but…

Post date: Sep 6, 2017 4:05:30 PM

You are what you see but…

At the tender age of 5, in kindergarten I saw a goat hung by his hind legs and his throat cut and the blood flowed and flowed. This visual and explicit content has raged through my head in various ways (mostly trying to displace it).

I was also influenced in kindergarten by a replica of the human anatomy hanging on the bulletin board that featured a head, throat (plastic tube), stomach, (plastic bag), etc. That representation I remember to this day, fondly and it taught me in a very dynamic and visual way the way a portion of the human system that we all share works.

How will you influence your readers and your writers of events and bring to them the realization of what that visualization means?

“…the economy is now reinforcing this notion. Simple skills and cheap pleasures (bread and circuses) worked for a long time, but they no longer scale to quiet the masses. The basic skills aren’t enough to support the circuses that we’ve been sold. The fork in this road is ever more pronounced because there’s now so much more to choose from. A citizen can spend his spare time getting smarter, more motivated, and more involved, or he can tune out, drop out, and entertain himself into a stupor. The same devices deliver either or both from the online ether…”

Seth Godin, Stop Stealing Dreams book which is free:

Here's his free book-length manifesto, Stop Stealing Dreams.