01b-Writing Quotes by David Alan Binder

"The hardest thing about life is accepting your limitations, work with what you have and don't worry about what you don't have." David Alan Binder


There is no "right way" or "best way" to live your life. Do not listen to others about the choices you should make. It does not mean they do not have good advice but it is up to you to make the decisions. Since you made the decision then you face the consequences; good or bad. If others make the decision then they do not face the consequences for those decisions; it is you and you alone. So if you must face those consequences then it is up to you to make the hard decisions and live with it. Don't look back and say "shoulda, woulda, coulda" like so many others just suck it up and face it and make the best of it. Those good and bad decisions build your character, and it makes you an individual that you can respect and admire for the determination to be your own person.

I've known an individual that has tattoos all over his face. It looks like hell in my humble opinion but I have to admit that it makes him extremely unique and he stands out in any crowd. On the other hand my looks are so common that many do not remember me since I do not stand out. Those actions he took reward him in some way and whether they do or not he has to live with it and look in the mirror.

So look in the mirror. You are the reflection of your decisions and be proud of them and how far it has brought you. You may be older but you are so much wiser than others who have not made the same decisions. Your wisdom belongs to you and each is built upon just like the atoms and molecules that make up your body those decisions make up your intellect.

You are an individual and unique and that belongs to only you. The only things that make us unique are our differences so revel in them.



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