Deborah Millitello interview with David Alan Binder

Post date: Jan 28, 2016 1:53:08 PM

Author Deborah Millitello interview with David Alan Binder

By way of introduction from the ZettesWorld Site:

Deborah Millitello published her first story in 1989 in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine. Since then her stories have appeared in various magazines such as Dragon Magazine; MZB’SFM, including the third-place Cauldron winner “Do Virgins Taste Better?”; Science Fiction Age; and anthologies such as Aladdin Master of the Lamp; Witch Fantastic; Sword and Sorceress; Tales of Talislanta, and Bruce Coville’s Book of Nightmares. Currently, she is working on several fantasy novels. A member of the Alternate Historians writers group, she lives in southern Illinois with her husband Carl, has three children and six grandchildren, and works at a doctor’s answering service as her day job.

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1. How do you pronounce your name (only answer if appropriate)?

Mill – i – tell - o

2. Where are you currently living?

I live in the small town of Brighton, Illinois, best known as the setting for the first scene of The Music Man.

3. Where would you like to live?

Where I live now, although Santa Cruz, CA would be a close second.

4. Why did you start writing?

Because I’ve always loved telling stories, even before I knew how to write.

5. What is the most important thing that you have learned in your writing experience, so far?

How to edit my own work.

6. What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

I choose one song and play it continuously while writing.

7. Tell us your insights on self-publish or use a publisher?

I have one book at a publisher and two books through my writers group.

a. Who is the name of your publisher and in what city are they?

My first book, Thief’s Luck, was published by Double Dragon Publishing, Markham, Ontario, Canada. My next two books were published by Word Posse, a joint effort by my writing group.

8. Any insights eBooks vs. print books and alternative vs. conventional publishing?

eBooks are convenient for many people, but I prefer print books. Whatever version gets people to read is wonderful.

9. Do you have any secret tips for writers on getting a book published?

Don’t give up. Keep submitting. Every editor has personal preferences. A writer just has to reach the one editor who likes what you write.

10. How did you acquire an agent? Any tips for new writers on getting one?

I no longer have an agent.

11. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Everywhere. Everything I read, hear, and see are inspiration.

12. Do you have any suggestions or helps for new writers?

Go to a writers’ workshop at a convention. Professional writers will review your manuscript and teach you how to edit you work.

13. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Sometimes a character doesn’t do what I expect them to do. One character in my first book surprised me be being a villain when I thought another character would be.

14. How many books have you written?

I have written six books, although only three have been published at this time: Thief’s Luck, The Water Girl, and Do Virgins Taste Better? and Other Strange Tales.

15. Do you have any tricks or tips to help others become a better writer?

Read everything. Write every day. Books on writing can help with plot and characterization. Barry B Longyear and Orson Scott Card have written excellent books on writing that are extremely helpful.

16. We’ve heard that it is good to provide twists in a good story. How do you do this?

I start with “What if…” I started a story with the premise, “What if Rumplestiltskin was the hero of the story?” Or “What if Cinderella was a villain?” Just look at the story from a different angle.

17. What makes your book stand out from the crowd?

I think the world I’ve created is vivid and complex. I researched Bedouin society and customs, dress, foods, plants, geology, weather, and animals – especially camels – to make the world and characters as real and believable as possible.

18. What are some ways in which you promote your work?

I use Facebook, Twitter, the Internet, book signings, and conventions.

19. What is the one thing you would do differently now (concerning writing) and why?

I would have attended a writers’ workshop 20 years earlier so I would have become a better writer earlier.

20. What would you like carved onto your tombstone? Or what saying or mantra do you live by?

I try to treat people the way I would want to be treated and to help those in need anyway I can.

21. Do you have first readers or people who critique your work?

Yes, I belong to a writers’ group that has been together since 1988. The members are Laurell K. Hamilton, Sharon Shinn, Martha Knieb (Marella Sands), Mark Sumner, Lauretta Allen (Rett MacPherson), and Tom Drennan, all of whom are published authors. We meet monthly to critique manuscripts. Without their help and advice, I would not have been as successful with my writing.


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