Read and Learn new words

Post date: Dec 17, 2015 2:32:23 PM

Read and learn new words

What’s a dramaturg? I was reading an article about Maureen Johnson in the University of Delaware Review (online of course) who is the author of “Shades of London” a series of books about a secret, anti-ghost police force for Young Adults. Ran into that word dramaturg and had to look it up.

The University of Delaware Review article is here:

Looking up words and learning the meanings enhance all of our education and make us more intelligent. According to James Patterson famous author in an article on CNBC, “… [life] it’s complicated and the more people read, the more they realize things are complicated,” He goes on to say, “If they [people, kids specifically] are competent readers, they can get through school and there are more possibilities for them.”

Full article on CNBC here:

So take a tip from James Patterson and life will have more possibilities for you, Dear Writers and Dear Readers.

Let’s see what’s possibly and let me help you with your project or story or book. If you are an author with a published book or a band with or without a book or an up and coming celebrity and want to garner following or get your message out there then I’d like to interview you and feature you and your book(s) or message on this web site in one of my blogs.

A word to the wise is sufficient, right, Dear Writers and Dear Readers?

I would love to help you, Dear Writers; at the same time you will be helping me be a better coach and editor.

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