“Words speak to me.” David Alan Binder

Post date: Jan 28, 2018 4:16:25 PM

“Words speak to me.” David Alan Binder

You may be like me. Words speak to you as they do me. Words are wonderful. Think of all the

communication that is performed with these wonderful words.

Take words away and we have grunts, gestures and drawings. More is communicated with words

than any other medium.

History is preserved or changed through the use of words.

Written words help us preserve and remember what we’ve learned, we are teaching and what we

want to remember.

I take notes all the time and those words convey to me, actions I’d like to take, stories or ideas that I

want to embellish with more words, lists of things to purchase, or do. Words are beautiful.

Cherish your words. Use your words wisely and they will help you.

Wordiness is the opposite of communication sometimes. Too many words spoil the content and

meaning and confuse people. Tactics like these are used by politicians and people who want to be


Sometimes questions are answered with questions. This can either be a misdirection or


Sometimes questions are answered with other answers to questions that weren’t asked. Another


I solemnly promise to use my words wisely, to be succinct and clear and to convey to you; ideas,

lessons, meanings, clarifications, thought provoking material to help you understand you and other


These words are brought to you by David Alan Binder.

Any feedback you have with your words, just send them to me. Let’s communicate, Dear Writers

and Dear Readers.