Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Good Hanukah, Cheerful Kwanza

Post date: Dec 26, 2017 11:51:00 PM

Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Good Hanukah, Cheerful Kwanza (or insert your holiday here).

Today’s forum that brings you some information, some cheer, and a warm-hearted story.

It is from Curious.com, which I receive several times a week.

War is ridiculous!

War is nonsensical!

War is a nonessential that we can eliminate from our lives is each one of us decided that we will not fight wars. Bullies fight wars. Leaders squabbling over the crumbs that are plentiful enough for everyone.

This story shows what true leaders are capable of and whether they chose to follow good orders or bad orders.

No story epitomizes the ridiculousness of war better than the Christmas Truce of World War I. As Christmas approached a century ago in 1914, the Allies and Germans were entrenched in an unending battle that stretched for miles along a line called the Western Front. Trenches were dug in the mud, barbed wire was erected, and troops engaged in daily short-range warfare. In many places, opposing trenches were only a few yards apart. The enemies could literally shout to each other. But on Christmas Eve, disobeying orders, soldiers began singing Christmas carols to each other instead. When Christmas Day dawned, some German soldiers ventured out of their trenches to wish their Allied counterparts a Merry Christmas. Seeing the German soldiers were unarmed, the Allies decided it wasn't a trick. So they climbed out of their trenches to celebrate with the men they'd tried to kill just hours before. The soldiers exchanged small gifts and sang songs. There was at least one documented case of a game of soccer. Of course, the next day they went back to killing each other.

This message, shows us, Dear Readers and Dear Writers, how not to follow the herd.