A look into the past

Post date: Jun 22, 2015 1:36:37 PM

In my bathroom on the wall hangs a shadow box. It is full of memories for me of another time, another place, another completely different me.

Let me show you:

This shadow box has a Duncan Yo Yo from my childhood. It is beat up and not worth much (I've looked it up and it was a cheaper one and not in good condition) the toy rifle and the toy pistol are also from my childhood and I played with them lots. The knife is from a period of time when I was almost 30 years old and I found it. I love the ship on the blade. The other items were found by either my wife or I and look like Indian items, arrowheads or scrapers (the one in upper left is probably not an arrowhead but has some similarities). Those are wonderful memories, but some of those memories from childhood are bitter sweet.

You also have a stockpiled treasure trove of memories and each of them are ripe for the picking to use within your writing. I often use some recollections of places and times and things in my writing and make no mention that they are mine and not made up. I am pretty sure most writers have a piecemeal hodge-podge mixture of things that they know, things they research and things they make up to swirl together into their stories.

This is yours to not only have but to use anytime you need it. Just write.