Are your “adapting” muscles being worked out?

Post date: Feb 20, 2018 11:48:58 PM

Are your “adapting” muscles being worked out?

Adaptable. Being adaptable is being able to reach beyond what you thought possible and it moves you and your mind into a direction that normally is not conceivable; however, since you conceived it then it is conceivable.

Very cool!

Adaptability brings all your resources to bear on the issue, or problem.

It takes focus, determination, grit, perseverance, resolve and fortitude.

It also takes a knowing without knowing. You may not know the outcome for a while but you are determined to reach out beyond yourself; into what you may have thought impossible. It is letting go of the physical and mental forces that hold you back and going into the “flow” knowing that if you dig deep and focus that you will strive and drive through into that inner and outer space of you and drive into the ultimate.

Sports players that are almost superhuman in their efforts are like this and know that feeling and that is what they crave more than the money.

Some writers know what this is like. I've performed hundreds of author interviews. Some authors when I read their answers to my questions I just know they are writers. They have a gift, but it is not a gift.

They just work hard and have the command of their acumen to focus and let the “flow” take their words and put them in the “write or right” place. (whichever you prefer)

They were not given that “gift” they worked hard and practiced thousands of times over and over until it became more apparent. It was never an overnight sensation. It was slow methodical, stumbling effort upon effort until it all came together within you.

Yeah, it will happen if you let it. Put all of yourself behind you in that effort and you will reach it.

Believe in you. I believe in you and I will help you. Just drop me a line and let’s do this!