Hugh Howey who wrote The Wayfinder

Post date: Aug 26, 2017 6:57:19 PM

Hugh Howey who wrote The Wayfinder and other books...

Hugh Howey has this advice for writers:

The synopsis is step one, write the first draft. There is no step two until step one is finished.

It doesn’t have to be good.

Never revise the first draft. JUST FINISH THE FIRST DRAFT. You are not a writer until the first draft is finished.

Revising is easy. There is no such thing as writer’s block, unless you put a big chunk of wood on your desk (like a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon) in the way of your computer; or whatever you write on. Said big chuck of wood; must be chipped away, before the rest of writing can be accomplished.

So step one is finish the first draft.

Disregard continuity issues, spelling and grammar issues, dead ends, bad writing, ignore everything except finishing the first draft. You don’t even have to know where you are going just write until finished.

Finishing means writing to the end.

Just read what he has to say, it is not succinct but you will learn more in the hour or two it takes to read it than days or weeks sitting in a class. Listen to the Master and say, “Wow!”

Part 1 Writing Insights Part One: Becoming a Writer

Part 2, Writing Insights Part Two: The rough Draft

Part 3: Writing Insights Part Three: The Revision Process

There will be more when he writes Part Four.

Stay tuned Dear Readers and Dear Writers.