Dear readers

Post date: Jul 4, 2015 4:09:45 PM

This site has just experienced over 1000 visitors. Fire off some fireworks and hip, hip hooray! I salute you dear readers and appreciate your visits and making this site have value.

One thing that I've been an advocate of is value added. You, my dear readers, add value to my life since I appreciate all of your comments. Keep those cards, letters, emails and texts flowing in and I'll keep on answering as many as I can.

The dunes on the horizon shimmered with heat and the sun born down like a laser scorching the earth and the desert creepy crawlies hid in their burrows and the shade of the rocks and the extremely few hardy scrub that dared even to eek out a small hardened growth.

The man walked upright and did not mind the heat since it seemed to give him the impetus and drive and determination to live on, walk on and find his destination. There had to be gold or treasure out here in this wilderness and he aimed to carve out his niche and make his fortune. Even if he only found his grit and determination and found his purpose then it would all be worth it. Even if he only found a few pretty, worthless rocks.

Thank you dear readers for your time and your eyes; your genuine purpose will also be found and be a treasure unto yourself.