Think Responsibly

Post date: Jun 7, 2018 10:29:50 PM

Think Responsibly

Too many people are not in touch with their emotions. I used to be not in touch with my emotions. Or when I did feel emotion it was fear but rather than admit it I got angry.

Find an emotion wheel!

Find your emotion that you are feeling on that emotion wheel and then find that ROOT emotion connected to the emotion you are feeling.

How does this help you to become a better writer or a better you? There is no such thing as better! There is only different!

That is deep thinking right there. There is no such thing as better. Better is not quantifiable. Anything you change for the better isn’t better it is only different. Wrap your head around that and you are getting closer to knowing how to feel about your life, and your everything.

Dear Readers and Dear Writers, everything that gets you in touch with yourself helps you to become a different person and that person is the one that is more authentic, that person is one that people will want to get to know and get in touch with.

No, I am not always this way. Sometimes I am different and sometimes I’m not and I can live with that. Anything I can’t live with then I change. I never do better; I only change.

What do you change? That is up to you and maybe the feedback you receive MUST come from ONLY TRUSTED and CLOSE friends.

Another think piece by David Alan Binder. All of this is part of thinking responsibly.