Post date: Jun 29, 2015 1:36:20 PM

How do you measure credibility?

There may be many measurements, one I like is, do action follow the words. Some people talk a good game and have good things to say, "I'll help you move." and then when you give them a time and a place they don't show up. In this case there were words and there was no action. Now you realize that some people have busy lives and can't do everything so you think in your mind and make excuses for them.

Stop that!

They made a commitment and then broke it. If the grievance is egregious enough then you don't want to surround yourself with people who are not committed to you. Who needs friends like that?

Pretty harsh, you say. True but if you accept people into your life that add drama, don't do what they say they will and things in that vein then they are not truly friends and you don't need them.

They can be acquaintances but not friends. Save those places for people who truly care about you and love you.

Speaking of credibility, are you a talker or a writer? What did you do yesterday to further that goal? What are you going to do today? Make your actions follow your words and we will be great friends.

Stop talking and write.