Splinter cell

Post date: Jun 26, 2015 3:04:55 AM

Splinters are never good. Sometimes extraction requires tweezers, sometimes probing with a needle, sometimes waiting for a while and then squeezing the area and it will pop out; all of these are painful but necessary. Splinters can lead to infection and greater complications so one wants to divest themselves of that hurt quickly.

My writing divests my mind of issues that are running deep and sometimes hurtfully below the surface, but sometimes cheerfully under the surface. Sometimes I realize exactly what is plaguing me and sometimes it takes some probing to finally come to the conclusion that, “Oh, that is what that was!” That it was bothering me and wouldn’t let me be until I wrote about it.

Writing can be cathartic and therapeutic. It can release those inner tensions that bedevil us.

Get it out and get it on paper, screen, somewhere so that you can capture it; isolate it; and make it work for you.

By the way I was just kidding about the cell part; splinter cell was just a way to get your attention.