For Goodness Sakes

Post date: Sep 3, 2015 1:16:50 PM

For Goodness Sakes

Dear Writers, I read a lot. I mean voraciously. I read because first of all I enjoy it. I enjoy seeing where the story may go and the twists and turns along the way. I also read critically seeing the sentence structure, enjoying a turn or phrase, picking out a passage that particularly appeals to me, maybe writing my own twist on something that I’ve read, just slicing and dissecting the heck out of it in order to bring all the goodness and how I could take that and make it better.

That’s a lot going on when one is reading and it takes practice like anything that becomes more than just happenstance.

Dear Writers, read so that you can take in what other writers have written and assimilate those aspects to become better writers yourself. I like to think that good writing will rub off on me and I do everything I can to make it happen. I have read the bible from cover to cover. That is no easy thing to do. I have read Josephus which is also difficult reading. I have read “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb which was extremely difficult reading but well worth it. Force yourself to read really, really good books that you have heard about or that other readers recommend. I have also voraciously read comics and Mad magazine just to balance out the equation.

Read it all from junk food to highbrow authors and others in-between, for goodness sakes. For your writing goodness; it will make you that much better, until you become great.

Let me take a look and see how you are doing. Contact me at ab3ring at juno dot com or dalanbinder at gmail dot com