Writing A to Z

Post date: Jun 20, 2015 7:44:40 PM

In this particular case meaning Angst to Zen.

The best writing you will ever do comes from a state of Angst or Anxiety. My best poetry and verse comes from Angst and it helps me to rid me of those beasts and demons in my head or relieve whatever Anxiety I am feeling at the time. Conversely some of my best writing comes from a state of Zen, a state of relaxation or during meditation some subject or theme will arise.

Use all of those moments to get it out of you and onto the screen, paper, or whatever medium you chose.

Most artists who are great seem to have been tortured by something. Comedians, actors and actresses, singers, song writers, painters, sculptors, etc.seem to have been tortured by memories, love lost, something in their past that haunted them and sometimes would not let them go until they left this world. Here is a way to let it go onto the screen, paper, clay, canvass, whatever.

Options for reaching a good state of mind is to stretch and exercise since us artists tend to be stationary quite a bit to "perform" our work. Yoga, meditation, yard work, gardening, hikes or walks, enjoyment of other pleasures will help all of us to perform better.