A Day of Pampering

Post date: Oct 20, 2017 6:47:56 PM

A Day of Pampering

If you were to choose how you would pamper yourself for one day, what would you do?

Would you:

Go do something, like golf, bowling, a sport

Go to an actual spa

Go take a nap

Go out to eat

Go read

Go eat chocolate

Go out and be with people

Stay home and veg

Take a leisurely bath

Listen to meditation, music, a TED talk or something else

Listen to yourself. What you chose says a lot about you and about your communication style and how you would chose others to see you.

Now take that same approach. If you know your spouse or significant other would rather stay in than go out, what would you chose to do?

This also says a lot about you and about your thoughtfulness or how you show up in your relationship.

I know my wife likes lots of conversation so I ask her questions.

If you have not read, “The Five Love Languages” book, do that. Not only to understand yourself but have your loved one(s) read it and find out how their love language.

That fact that you care enough to find out says volumes, the fact that you try and speak to them in their love language says a LOUDER, I love you, than anything else you can do or say.

Now think about the Golden Rule which is, “treat others as you would like to be treated” (see also Matt 7:12). But, what if how you treat you is not their love language. You are mis-communicating while trying to follow the rule.

The true Golden Rule in treating others can then be, “treat others as they would treat themselves.”

NOW, you are talking and treating them in the way they REALLY want to be treated.

How does this help you, Dear Writers and Dear Readers? As a writer, to know yourself is paramount, to know others follows and helps you express yourself better as a writer and how this might affect your relationships (both character ones and personal ones).

As a reader, it is always good to know yourself and others better and then you can make the difference in your life and in theirs.

“If we are not here to help others, then why are we here?” David Alan Binder