Gee Whiz, that was hard.

Post date: Jul 10, 2015 3:26:26 AM

Dear writers, I have not been on in two days because I've been trying to access my Google sites account (note: I am using Google sites because it is FREE! and I have little money to spend in this direction which is why it is a pretty basic site but gets the job done.) I own two domains. One is and one is I learned in my writing class (yes, I am still learning and impart what I am learning to you, my Dear Writers) that a writer and author should grab their name domain very quickly so someone else does not grab it after you are famous and try to sell it to you and charge you lots of money. So I grabbed it and ended up having to tie the two together in order to have it appear as one site.

I have been trying to sign on to my Google sites for two days now and it took quite a while to figure it out since I changed global position from a vacation spot to home.

Got it figured out and it was exhausting but worth while and you, Dear Writers, reap the benefit since I am back on line again.

Thanks for reading me.