Ayn Rand Number One

Post date: Apr 15, 2018 5:53:22 PM

Ayn Rand Number One

It is going to get deep, very deep.

You are a drop in an ocean of humanity. Do you matter? Of course you matter.

You matter to many people, but you matter to you most of all.

Until you see that, then you see nothing.

Ayn Rand is a Russian American. She was a novelist, a philosopher, a playwright and a screenwriter.

Why does she matter? What does she have to say?

Look at just one quote and prepare to think deep.

“The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.” Ayn Rand

Now, how are you stopping you? What obstacles are you putting in your way?

Don’t tell your child to go play in the yard, then put an anchor on them.

Would you do that to your child? So don’t do it to yourself.

Think of your children as your thoughts and imagination. Don’t restrict them. Let them roam free. Let them breathe deeply of the ions of exchange.

Send them from your heart with the promise that they are important and you are letting them live in a harsh would. Know that they can take care of themselves just as you take care of yourself.

Know that they will make mistakes. Know that they will ask for advice. Know that they will return from time to time and talk over what they are facing and will need encouragement.

Your ideas are your children. Your ideas need fresh air and reality and to be sent out there into that harsh world to earn their way.

Your children are your articles, your books, your frustration and your envy.

I look back on the ideas that I’ve created and am amazed by what I can do.

So let yourself go.