When is the last time your brain hurt?

Post date: Mar 29, 2018 10:59:30 PM

When is the last time your brain hurt?

I’m not talking about headaches or tiredness.

When was the last time you literally were thinking so hard that your brain hurt?

It has probably been awhile, I’ll bet.

The smart phone does not make us smarter just quicker to get at whatever information we are seeking.

When we get smarter we are actually thinking about things that stretch our minds, to grasp concepts, to think above and beyond what we’ve previously thought, when we are cracking a tough hard to figure out “case”.

The “case” in this particular instance being, Dear Readers and Dear Writers, a buggy script, a dull article, a story that is not coming together, something that you are writing that needs more.

That is where the brain exercises hardest when it is reaching beyond what others have attained. This is how Olympic medals are won, when you go beyond what was thought possible, this applies to writing and to any endeavor that you are pursuing.

Stretch beyond what you thought possible. Make your brain hurt. My wife says that thinking will not kill anyone.

So let’s concentrate and think of that one article, story, biopic that comes at the usual from an unusual angle.