Become a Better Author with 3 Powerful Habits

Post date: Nov 16, 2017 11:22:31 PM

Become a Better Author with 3 Powerful Habits

By Freelance Writer Jane Sandwood

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In the United States alone, it is estimated that over one million books are published every year. Simply reading a statistic like this is enough to discourage aspiring authors. Among all of those books, how is your book going to be noticed? Should you become even better versed in spelling, grammar, and punctuation? Should you take an online course or attend more workshops? What is the real key to becoming a successful author?

While there is no secret formula to becoming a best-selling author, there is one big thing you could be overlooking: your habits. At this stage in your writing journey, you may be highly focused on advanced concepts related to plots, book marketing, or any other writing related subject. However, when you ignore some of the most fundamental aspects of a successful writing life, you rob yourself of some of the most important strategies for becoming a better writer. If you’re looking to refresh your writing practice, review three simple, yet powerful habits.

Write every day

The practice of writing daily is necessary for keeping your writing sharp, concise, and engaging. Even if you’ve just made several months’ worth of income off your latest piece of work, don’t ever stop writing. You can choose to write something as simple as a journal entry, or as complex as the start of your next book. Writing each day helps maintain your creativity, and can help you to avoid writer’s block. If you are always keeping your ideas flowing and in motion, you will rarely face a time where you don’t have enough ideas or words for a project.

Read as much as possible

Authors throughout time have spoken about the many advantages of reading. Nearly all of the best writers in history have been avid readers. Not only does regular reading expose authors to new thoughts and ideas, but it can also boost their overall abilities. Reading can improve your vocabulary, grammar, and knowledge about almost any subject. That is why in addition to daily writing, writers should make it a point to read quality material every day.

Create a consistent schedule

When seeking to achieve success as an author, writing your book when you “feel like it” will not lead to any kind of long-term success. Establishing a consistent writing schedule empowers you to get more done, and allows you to set a deadline to complete your work. At the beginning of each week, set aside blocks of time where you will write your book. Treat these hours as if they were set with an employer. Make the most out of your schedule by keeping your commitment, and by working in a space that is best suited for writing.

Habit is an important key to success

In the chaos of life, mastering the basics often gets lost. Rather than focusing on complex skills and strategies, improving your writing is often as simple as changing your habits. If you are reading and writing every day, and maintaining a consistent writing schedule, you maximize your chances for success.