The differences between us

posted Dec 20, 2015, 8:09 AM by David Alan Binder   [ updated May 16, 2016, 6:46 AM ]

The differences between us


Q: What or who can unite the world?

A: If the world was only one religion would there be peace?  It is doubtful because there are factions even in an individual religion.  Uniting religiously would not bring peace. 

Q: If the world was only one ethnicity would it be united?

A: Again it is doubtful since people of the same culture are known to not cooperate with each other and have differences of opinion.

Q: If the world was only one race would it be united?

A: Obviously the answer is no, since the world is one race and that is human but it is exceedingly evident that we do not get along.

Q: What if the world was united politically?

A: There are factions within each political “party” or “type” and they often disagree and have different agendas.

Q: What if there was no poverty or even better, what if there wasn’t any division in income and everything was shared equally?

A: Then so many poverty issues would be erased but then there would be other distinctions such as popularity or fame or notoriety that would divide the human race and cause it to have increasingly different opinions which would lead to infighting and discontent.

Q: What if we eliminate just a basic faction division? 

A: One of the most basic divisions of the world is male and female and without each distinction then the human race would cease to exist since it cannot procreate.

Q: What if there were a way to erase each and every difference at once, income, race, ethnicity, culture, politics, gender, sexual orientation, religious, geographic, psychological, age, even eye and hair color? 

A: If all differences are eliminated and homogenized then everyone be changed into what you would conceive to be the most optimal, you.  If everyone was you it would be an extremely  boring world, after all; would you discriminate against you, would you burglarize you, would you hate you, would you have a difference of opinion with you, would you…?  This can be repeated over and over for each way the human race finds to be at odds with each other.  Basically until, we as humans learn that diversity is essential to the human race development.  The differences are not obstacles but important in order for us to learn and progress as a civilization.  As your body has numerous systems that operate independently; however, those systems also work together as well and ultimately form you as a complete being.  The world has yet to learn that we are a complete being.  All the races and cultures and subdivisions are one enormous system just like nature and climate is one huge system each pinging off of each other and something that happens somewhere else in our system impacts another part of the system.  We are comprised of our systems; which include a solar system, a world system, many ecosystems, the animal kingdom, the human race and until we learn how to respect people’s choices; especially when they disagree with your choices (if it does not hurt you then it’s not a problem).  Dislikes are acceptable, you don’t have to like everything, just tolerate it.

I started writing this article just to try and understand the balance involved in the human race and understanding who and what we are and how many of us think (or in some cases don’t think).  As I was researching this issue I ran into an excellent article on how humans should interact, it is located here:

Chelsea Fagan is quite the writer and thought provoker.  I bow to her ability and insight.

The differences between us make us great and give us challenge and opportunity to explore and enjoy each other.

Let us celebrate the differences between us.

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