Finding Fault

Post date: Nov 9, 2017 11:21:43 PM

Finding Fault

Most news centers on finding fault with something that someone somewhere has done. It is sensationalized and gives substantial public relations (both good and bad and remember there is really no such thing as bad PR). Getting ones name in the news is paramount and gets one out there and before the public. It is as much as the “news” fault that certain things happen. For every person killed there are millions to billions who are not killed. For every act of abhorrence there are a thousand to a million acts of kindness that are never mentioned.

What would happen if we focused on finding solutions versus finding fault? That is what science does. It only finds the genes, germ, virus or mutation that causes issues in order to correct it.

There are plenty of Fault Finders in the world. Don’t find what is wrong. Find what is right!

Finding a problem is easy, finding solutions is extremely difficult. Maybe that is why the focus is where it is instead of where it should be.

This is another think piece by David Alan Binder