What are friends for

Post date: Jun 23, 2015 1:47:06 PM

It's very early in the morning and my phone is ringing (buzzing like an angry bee since it is on vibrate). Who can that be? No mystery for long, since caller ID tells me it is my friend Mike. Huh, wonder what he wants; since everyone in the house is asleep I whisper hello. Turns out he thinks he locked his keys in his car and needs a ride to work.

This is a true story as I am firing up to write this blog this actually happened. Isn't real life interesting; I find out where he lives for even though we are friends I've never been to his place nor he to mine. We are work friends. We talk all the time at work and appreciate each other's since of humor, etc. Although we are not close enough to socialize due to many reasons he is just a really good guy and probably he thinks the same of me since he feels good enough about me to ask me to help.

That is why we are here on earth is to help each other since humans are supposed to be evolved above animals and have some kind of feelings of camaraderie since we are all sharing the same earth space. I am here to help you; to motivate you to make you a better person.

Now your turn; help me to be better. Give me feed back. Hit the tip jar. Anything. Get out there and write and show me who and what you are and what you can do.

Thanks for helping. It goes each way.