Keep in Touch

Post date: Aug 18, 2015 1:33:23 PM

Keep in touch.

How do you know if someone cares? They stay in touch with you and you stay in touch with them. I appreciate, Dear Writers, how much you care from how much you stay in touch. It means a lot to me.

Do you want to lose a relationship? Just fall out of touch. Let’s not go there.

Therefore, you need to stay in touch with yourself. Drop a line or two into that novel or masterpiece you are working on.

Stay in touch. Keep it in your thoughts just like a loved one, after all, it is a work of love.

The fact that you are pouring your literal heart into it means something. It means something to you and thusly, to your readers.

Let yourself and your readers know that you, Dear Writers, care enough to send them a line or two at least once a day. GOAL: Once a day or 6 days a week. Do that and you will make progress and making progress takes you to, the end. And it will then be the start of a new endeavor; the next one. First one is the hardest, then it is just like old times when you can do it again and again.