Who are you?

Post date: Sep 13, 2015 4:41:48 PM

Who are you?

The Who wrote a song called “Who Are You?” which became the intro theme for CSI (the original one).

So as a writer you will put on different hats at different times.

Your main hat is the writer hat, Dear Writers.

Another hat is your reading hat.

Some more may be your day job, plus mother or father, spouse, friend, counselor, confidant, trader / bargainer / negotiator, and many others.

One more will be a marketer or Public Relations (PR) person as you work to get your books, stories and etc. published.

Some of you may even put on a publisher hat.

Here is an article below that I thought was very good and in a nut shell sums it up for us.


“When I am out networking, I can choose which "persona" I am going to show up as. Am I in a situation where the crowd is more of the memoir reading crowd? If so, then I pitch myself as an author and memoir writing coach. Or, am I in a situation with a crowd that is more about entrepreneurship? If this is the case, then I pitch myself as an entrepreneur with a book and message for other entrepreneurs. Either way, it's a win-win situation.”

I liken this to choosing who you want to be to fit the occasion. This may be to promote yourself, this may be to get through a party, assignment or whatever in order to just deal or cope with the situation and may be about family, friends, work or whatever occasion you must muster up the courage and where with all to deal and handle a situation.

You are who you decide to be!

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