Here is a new way to learn:

Post date: Sep 7, 2017 4:39:03 PM

Here is a new way to learn:

Seth Godin’s book, Stop Stealing Dreams says:

“Over the last three years, Jeremy Gleick, a sophomore at UCLA, has devoted precisely an hour a day to learning something new and unassigned. The rules are simple: it can’t be related to schoolwork, and reading a novel doesn’t count. Since he’s started on this journey, he has read Steven Pinker and Stephen Hawking books, watched documentaries about ants and astrophysics, and taken courses in blacksmithing (in person) and card tricks (online). He has done this with rigor and merely had to sacrifice a little TV time to become smarter than most of his peers. There are two things I take away from this: a. This is a rare choice, which is quite disturbing. Someone actually choosing to become a polymath, signing himself up to get a little smarter on a new topic every single day. b. The resources available for this endeavor have increased by several orders of magnitude. Available resources and instruction have gone from scarce to abundant in less than a decade, and the only barrier to learning for most young adults in the developed world is now merely the decision to learn.”

How much richer and meaningful would your life be if you chose to learn this way? Think of all the things you could learn about and immerse yourself into.

Now how can you apply this in your life today? Most of us have graduated and are in high pursuit of our career and / or passion. I devote an hour a day pursuing something that I care deeply about. It can be anything but it makes you more well rounded and gives you an edge, that others don’t have.

That spark that makes you more alive and appealing in the long run.

Thanks for reading and listening, Dear Writers and Dear Readers.