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posted Aug 26, 2015, 6:25 AM by David Alan Binder   [ updated May 16, 2016, 7:04 AM ]
This is an excellent article by my friend and college and mentor, Jason Brick at
Please mark it as recommended reading.  Here is some of the information contained in that article in order to pique your interest and intrigue you enough to take a looksee.  This is why we write, in order to get money and our name out there which equals credibility. 
The following is quoted from Jason Brick’s website:
“By far what I get asked most is where to find work. Mostly I find mine through existing contacts, and people those people know. But I still go back to this well a couple of times a month to keep my inbox runnething over. Here are my 8 best places to find people who will pay me for what I do.”
  1.       All Indie Writers— a job board that updates not as frequently as I’d like, but lists the payment levels before you click to view the job description. Note how they label the payscales. “Pro” is anything over $100 a post.
  2.       Problogger— frequently updated job board wit a mixture of Craigslist shares and unique content. The signal-to-noise ration leaves something to be desired, but it’s a good place to hit regularly for the gems that pop up.
  3.       Facebook— you know all those articles your friends share with you every day? Somebody has to write them. Pay attention to which sites you click through to often, then find out how to submit. Most pay in the $50 to $100 range.
  4.       Online Writing Jobs — somebody is combing through lots of Craigslist pages and finding the better writing gig postings. You should hit CL early and often in your first years freelancing, and this makes that process much easier.
  5.       Your Chamber of Commerce — join and attend meetings for your local Chamber. It puts you in touch with people who own small businesses in your community. Which is to say people who need content written by a professional. See also Rotary Club and the Elks.
  6.       Your Local Hobby Shop— whatever it is you’re passionate about, somebody runs a shop near you who doesn’t write as well as you do. You probably already have a relationship, so reach out. Double-dip here by contacting every hobby magazine on the shelf in that shop. They have a similar need for people who know the subject andknow how to write.
  7.       Media Bistro— has some good jobs posted from time to time While you’re at it, subscribe to their newsletter.
  8.       Blogging Pro—  it costs $30 to post a gig on this site for a month, which tells you that every potential client found here was willing to invest in finding good talent. Which means they’re willing to invest in professional writing.
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