Post date: Jun 15, 2015 1:43:43 AM

Lou Diamond Phillips said in the series on Netflix Longmire something like, "I have incinerated those bridges." Some bridges must be incinerated; some must be painstakingly built; it is up to you to decide which is which. Sometimes it is better to let a bridge stand for awhile longer in order to be sure since once that bridge is incinerated it is gone and extremely difficult to rebuild. It can be a relationship killer.

When writing one must bridge gaps and ensure continuity for the reader; however, I once read that letting the reader put their own take on a story can make the story take on more life and breathe on its own for that particular reader. Those types of books, novels, stories are compelling since the reader puts so much of themselves into the story that it becomes theirs. A difficult task to master but well worth it and I imagine that it takes years of practice to perfect. Be willing to put in the time and the effort for yourself. In this case the reader be dammed and the writer takes that story beast and wrestles it into submission until it reveals its story in only the way that that particular writer can reveal it.