The Pointing Finger

In both of our readings this morning, there is a finger pointing out sin in others. Did you notice that?

One of the things many of us are really good at, is pointing out the irritating faults of others, when we have so many of our own that we’re unaware of. More so in our workplaces than anywhere else.


I’m not including church in this,

For here we live a life of bliss,

everybody getting on ,

they’re loving and they’d do no harm,

and they’re a pleasure to be with.

And I know that, between man and wife,

Sometimes there is a bit of strife,

Arguments last a bit too long,

And husbands they are never wrong

And wives…. we must accept this!?*

But out there in the work place,

People show a different face,

For that is where there seems to be

…. competition, cool ambition,

cowardice and prejudice,

freewheeling, shady dealing

criticism, narcissism,

fits of pique, closed off cliques,

and meetings leading nowhere.

My face is full of hideous grins,

Putting up, with all my colleagues’ sins.


But, to be more serious, I came upon an extremely interesting sentence in my daily prayer book recently.

It has this to say:-

Check and see how Jesus handled the circumstances you’re facing today.

The more I asked Jesus,

“I bet you didn’t have this to put up with this kind of person, or that kind of person?

He answered me, “Yes I did, Peter was like that!” “Judas did that” or “My own people did that to me!” “The thief on the cross said things like that”

I found that every situation and circumstance was covered in the love of Jesus, and I was amazed.

It was a real breakthrough.

But then he seemed to say,

“Yet I love them all . . . and I love you too despite all your faults.”

It was then I realised that all the faults I had listed , have applied to me somewhere down the line, and I suddenly felt ashamed.

I wonder if there other areas in our lives that need God’s healing love?

In his letter to the Romans Paul reminds us how we should treat one another:-

“Let no debt remain outstanding except the continued debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law.

Love does no harm to its neighbour.”

It is when we point a finger at others, that we find that there are at least three, pointing straight back at us.