(Resource Pack 75 ) KEY STAGE 2 &3

At this time of the year we remember with sadness, battles of the past, and we remember those caught up in wars in our present day.

For full script about Remembrance and the scattering of the petals, see the whole of this assembly in my free assembly book:- But It’s Only Nine o’ Clock In The Morning


As Christians we’re supposed to fight a different kind of war, a battle against everything that seems cruel, unjust, evil, nasty and sinful…against the evil and darkness we can’t necessarily see with our eyes…things like temptation.This is the clothing we are told to wear.

The armour of God protects us and keeps us safe, but it is INVISIBLE, no-one can see it.

Ephesians 6. 10-17 (*show plastic armour)

The belt of TRUTH… A Roman soldier's belt tied up his tunic so he wouldn't stumble over his loose clothing. If we tell lies we stumble, we are caught out, we get deeper and deeper into trouble, and we become known as liars. The truth will always help us go forward. By telling the truth, people learn to trust us.

Then there’s the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS…it covers the important parts of the Roman soldier’s body, like the heart. Our heart is meant to be good and pure. When we choose to do what is good, we are right with God. That’s what righteousness means.

The sandals of EAGERNESSTO TELL OF GOD’S LOVE. The Roman soldier wore protective and supportive footwear, so he could move quickly from one place to another. It’s important for us to tell others of God’s love and give them comfort too, especially when they walk on rocky ground, then they can have peace too.

The shield of FAITH…a Roman soldier used a large shield covered in leather which could be soaked in water and it was used to put out flaming arrows that were sent flying at him. Wicked thoughts are like those flaming arrows, we haven’t got to listen to them, we must put our trust in God to help us.

The helmet of SALVATION… The helmet protected the Roman soldiers' head. Even today helmets protect our brains from being damaged. It is important to guard our minds, to guard them from hurtful, harmful pictures. What are we reading, watching on television? Let us concentrate on what is good for our minds.

The sword… THE WORD OF GOD…A soldier’s sword had a double edge to it and was very sharp. So is God’s word: the bible. It keeps us on the right path when we read it, and we learn what it is God wants of us.

The Christian Armour protects us, we should wear every piece of it all the time.