Four Goats and a Community Tap Stand

(Resource Pack 7) KEY STAGE 3 & 4

VISUAL AIDS: Drama script below : also a toy duck, an CD case with ENVY AND STRIFE written on it,and mother and father masks (optional).

Drama: Four Goats and a Community Tap Stand

(Singers gather round them to form a Christmas backdrop to the drama, they freeze.)

Mam: Billy? Billy? Where on earth is that girl?

Dad: Did you get the presents today?

Mam: Just one for Billy! Here I’ll show you before she comes! You know how she loves cuddly toys? Look at this. (Shows the cheeky duck proudly, and makes it sing)

Dad: Very nice our mother! Well I got her a more grown up present, a computer game called Envy and Strife.

Mam: Oh lovely I must say!

Dad: quick our dad here she comes , put them away! (they hide their gifts)

Mam: She’s been playing football again!

Dad: Nowt wrong wi’ that!

Billy: Hi mam! Hi dad, what’s for tea?

Mam: It’ll be ready soon. Er we were just wondering what you wanted for your main Christmas present this year pet?

Billy: Oh that’s easy! I’d like four goats or a community tap stand.

Mam: GOATS? But I’ve already got you a fluffy toy!

Billy: No the GOATS aren’t toys. Goats are given to villagers, in an under developed region; and when the goats have kids they pass them on to other villagers. A community tap stand is safe drinking water, for poor people rather like a well for life!

Dad: Well for Life? But I’ve got you Envy and Strife! Oh I’ve given the game away!

Billy: Well it's just that I’ve been thinking about the real Christmas message, and it’s really about giving without necessarily receiving anything in return. So that’s what I’d like. I’ll go and wash my hands. (Mam and Dad are stunned!)

Mam: Where did we go wrong, our dad?

Dad: Why couldn’t we have a normal child, like all the others…on drink or drugs, or hanging around with boys!

Mam: She’s gone all holy on us!

Dad: I put it down to that bump on her head when she was young! You'll have to her to see that doctor down the road!

Mam: Or better still I’ll make an appointment with that R.E. teacher at school, and have a few strong words with her… PUTTING


Dad: Our Billy’s far too young to be making such important decisions!

Mam: Christmas is meant to be a happy time!

Dad: Never mind pet, just think of a happy Christmas carol, that’ll set your mind right for the festive season! They break into the song C is for the Candy Trim, getting louder as they go.