Simon Son of John, Do You Love Me?

(No 3) KEY STAGE 1&2

VISUAL AID: Bible. John 21. 1-17

Tell the story of Jesus third appearance to his disciples on Lake Tiberias:

The children themselves can help you to tell this story, using mime.

Choose several children to be fishermen, tell them they are in a boat and put them into position;

Then simplify the story, tell it in your own words


Jesus’ disciples once went fishing in a boat. He wasn’t with them.

All night long they tried to catch fish…

They kept throwing their nets out; they drew the nets in…


They were very tired.

Suddenly someone appeared on the shore. ( Jesus takes his place)

He looked like a stranger from a distance. It was Jesus.

Suddenly he shouted out to the disciples, 'Have you caught any fish? ………

Towards the end of the story focus upon the three questions Jesus asks Peter.

‘Simon, son of John, do you love me?'

The child playing the part of Peter, (Simon, son of John) must look increasingly uncomfortable as Jesus asks the same question three times.

By telling the story in this the actors are helping the others to see what is happening, and it does hold their interest.