Super Bubble

(Resource Pack 67) KEY STAGE 1,2 & 3

Visual Aid: Two pots of bubble mixture, one small and one supersize with wands, and the eagle story

A New School Year:- potential and effort

It is hoped that children will see that whatever their gifts, and whatever they believe they can or can’t do; the one thing that WE CAN ALL DO is to put effort into what we DO do.

We can believe in ourselves and think big!

The story is of an eagle which was born in a farmyard, on a hen’s nest.

His own mother had left him there and abandoned him. When the egg hatched, he obviously thought he was a chicken, like all the other little chicks.

So he tried to eat worms, and scratched at the dust looking for seeds, like all the others. One day however he noticed a giant of a bird circling way up on the warm air currents. It looked majestic & glorious. He was amazed at its size & beauty.

‘How I wish I could fly like that!’ he sighed. ‘What kind of bird is it?

‘It’s an eagle,’ they cried.

‘I would LOVE to be an eagle,’ he sighed

‘Well you can’t,’ said the chicks, ‘for you are a CHICKEN, and you will grow to be a hen.’

So he sighed and continued looking for worms; he went on scratching the dust, looking for seeds, and he never found out exactly who he really was, and what he really could do or be. He believed what the others told him.

Illustration: If that eagle could have blown bubbles, they would have been this size. Small!: his mind was like these bubbles. (Blow small bubbles. )

…But if we think BIG, (make superbubble with the superbubble wand, and ‘GO FOR GOAL’ (Put a lot of effort into lif) we will get results!

So give it all you’ve got. (Philippians 3.13)

Suitable Music: Give it all you’ve got ( Out of the Ark music: Songs for every assembly)