Come to me

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Lyrics and chords

Come to me: From the album, ‘From this moment on’

“Come to me,” said Jesus, “all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11. 28

Intro: C Am F G C Am F G

C Am F G C Am

Come to me, leave your burdens at my door and come to me.

F G C Am F G

I have arms to comfort you, so come to me, to my side.

C Am F G C Am

Talk to me, tell me all your worries now, just talk to me,

F G C Am F G

Tell me what you’re looking for, just talk to me, let me know.

First chorus:

Am Em G

Trust in me, never let go of my hand, but trust in me.

Am Em G

I will help you in the dark, just trust in me, come to me.

Rest in me, when you fear the coming day, just rest in me.

I will lift your spirit, so just rest in me, let me care.

Walk with me, don’t go running on your own, just walk with me.

Soon I’ll show you how to fly, just walk with me, take your time.

Second chorus:

And trust in me, I can lift you to the heights, so trust in me.

I will make the darkness bright, just trust in me, come to me.

Instrumental verse

Am Em G

Come to me, I have watched you all your days, now come to me.

Am Em G

See the gifts I have for you, O come to me, come to me.


Come to me (repeat and fade)

Vocalist: Avril Pease

©1991 Margaret Scott