The eyes of a child

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The eyes of a child: (Luke 18. 15-17 From the album, ‘Inside Out

We can learn so much from young children. They are so loving and trusting, so fresh and innocent, their eyes say it all. In Luke’s gospel Jesus said that if we will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child we will never enter it.

Intro: Em Bm

2D Em A7 D

Unless we become like children, unless we are filled with God’s love,

Em A7 D

We never will enter His kingdom, or live in the light of His Son.


Em Bm Em Bm

See love in the eyes, see trust in the eyes,

Em Bm

See hope in the eyes of a child.

Whatever your age be like children, be young in your heart and be free.

If you look through the eyes of a young child, a far different world you will see. (Chorus)

Now is the time to be children, then hope will abound in our land.

If only a grain of a child’s simple trust, could dwell in the heart of a man. (Chorus)

So come and receive like children, a love which was given so free.

A love once came down from heaven, a child born for you and for me. ( Chorus x2)

Vocalist: Sheila Hamil

©1988 Sheila Hamil