Harvest Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men

The inspiration for this drama came from two very different Harvest sermons which I heard many years ago in church. The heart, eyes and hand etc certainly has done the rounds! If you recognise one or two of your ideas from within this drama, then let me know and I will credit you with the original authorship.

The scripts for Bill, Ben and Little Weed are very easy and can be given out just before the Family Service. The parts for the Gardener and the Narrator can both be read by the same adult.

Costume is very simple... two upside down flan cases for Bill and Ben, who move as if they are puppets on strings. Little Weed is simply someone smiling and holding an artificial sunflower in their hands.

Narrator: Bill and Ben the flowerpot men lived in two large plant pots at the very bottom of the garden. They woke up each morning when the sun rose in the sky, and they always had a cheerful word for everyone.

N: Good morning Bill:

Bill: Bob-bop flob-alop

N: Good morning Ben:

BEN: Bob- bop flob-alop

N: I can see Little Weed over there between Bill and Ben’s flowerpots? Good- morning little weed.

W: Weeeeeed!

N: Bill say ‘Good morning’ to Little Weed.

Bill: Bob-bop Lipple Weed

Weed: weeeeeeeeeeed!

You too Ben!

Ben: Bob-bop Lipple Weed

Weed: Weeeeeeeeeeed!

At this point Bill and Ben usually get out and play in the garden, but oh no, the Gardener is coming down the garden path. He’s up bright and early. Hide Bill and Ben!

Pretend you’re asleep Little Weed!

Gardener. (He enters pulling his garden trolley)

I’ve got a lot of work to get through today. Thought I’d start nice and early.

What have I got here?

I must plant some lettuce. (he plants the lettuces)

Ø Let us be kind to others

Ø Let us be helpful and thoughtful

Ø Let us be thankful

Ø Let us be good

And now for my turnips (he plants the turnips)

Ø Turn up each day with a smile

Ø Turn up each day and make someone else happy

Ø Turn up each day and do your very best

Oh and what have I here? My peas! I must plant my peas too!

(He plants them)

Ø P for patience, (being willing to wait for others)

Ø P for peace at all times ( even when you feel angry)

Ø P for perseverance...that means ‘ if ever you feel like just giving up, DON’T keep on going, you’re doing a good job.

It’s important to plant the right seeds.

Oh look what I’ve found!

A harvest from seeds I sowed last year!!

Here’s my cabbage! It’s got a big HEART.

That‘s what I need too, so I don’t just think of myself all the time!

Oh and my potatoes! See all these EYES!

That reminds me to look around and give thanks for all the good things God has made...and given to us.

Let me see what this is? Corn on the Cob.

They say Corn has EARS.

Just listen to all the marvellous sounds around us! Wouldn’t it be really awful if the world was silent and we didn’t hear the wind rustling the leaves on a tree, or hear the birds’ dawn chorus at first light, or the cry of a little baby. We must always keep our ears open for anyone in trouble.

Ooh bananas! Many bananas are known as a HAND.

And I always try and lend hand, and look out for someone who needs help, because TRUE LOVE SHOWS ITSELF IN ACTION!

Last of all I’m going to do some weeding!

Ø I’m going to weed out nastiness

Ø Weed out stealing and cheating

Ø Weed out gossip and lies

Ø Weed out anger and hatred

There I’ve got a lovely garden now.

Just as God intended it to be! (He goes off)

N: The gardener’s gone now Bill and Ben. You can come out now. And I’m afraid I must go! Say Good-bye to Little Weed now Bill and Ben! Oh where is she? Where could she have gone?

(they look and can’t find her!)

Bill and Ben: Bob bop flob a lop. Bob bop flob a lop. Lipple Weed? (They can’t find her)

N: Oh my goodness. I think the gardener has taken her away.

Run along Bill. Run along Ben, and bring her safely home!